with purpose

Supporting the efforts of Planned Parenthood, one print at a time

Linsey's Charcoal Figure Series was her most successful line of original works. It was also her last before devoting 100% of her creative energy to client work.


"At times, I feel guilty for not giving these ladies enough credit for the role they played … in my confidence, in my audience, my financial and mental health. They didn’t deserve to be dropped like flies when I felt I no longer had time for them. My art practice didn’t deserve to be completely thrown to the wayside. While I’m not sure when I’ll ever find the time to put charcoal to paper again, I can at least put the handful of prints left to good use."


Over the course of several years, these pieces also helped raise awareness for women’s health in several campaigns fighting ovarian, breast and cervical cancers. 


As a retiring series, only a handful of each remain from the last print run and will not be produced again. Providing services and awareness beyond abortion and reproductive health (cancer screenings, breast exams, men’s health, LGBTQ services, HIV prevention, and STD vaccines to name a few), Planned Parenthood will receive 25% of proceeds from each print sold. 

Original charcoal and mixed media figure drawings by Linsey Gray Puckett. Prints are of thick, archival quality paper. Various size options available. Framing not included. Shipping included will occur after all or a majority of prints are sold to consolidate costs so that the highest amount possible can be donated.