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client experiences

I consider having Linsey Gray Creative as one of the best decisions our company has made. Linsey has been more than a designer of unique, classy images, templates, logos, product labels, she is a professional that has added value, contributed ideas, gone above and beyond, and always in a timely manner and at a reasonable rate. Her value to our brand development is immeasurable as she communicates and coordinates with staff from each of our multiple businesses. 





Working with Linsey was a wonderful experience. She was able to capture our brand's personality quickly and beautifully, and her work was always on time and went above and beyond what we requested.





I've known and worked with Linsey for several years and on numerous projects. First, let's put her design (and writing) skills aside ... She's just flat-out a pleasure to work with. You run across a lot of prima donnas with oversized egos in the world of design (and advertising). Not Linsey. She's delightful, even-keeled and wicked smart. I love the fact that she believes in working from a creative brief, appropriately as her guide, but she's not afraid to push the envelope. She's collaborative and takes feedback like a grown-up.

Linsey has a great design flair for not matter the marketing vehicle: logo, brochure, website ... you name it. She can deliver a fresh look that is strategically right. In the world of design, making something "pretty" is useless if the design is off strategy. Her work is on-strategy.

Linsey is not only good, she's also fast and efficient.



As an entrepreneur, one can never underestimate the importance of branding, as it can make or break a new company. Linsey brilliantly created a unique brand identity for Olivette Realty, which stands on its own while perfectly partnering with our sister company brands. A reflection of her talent and her passion for what she does, collaborating with Linsey is a tremendous amount of fun. She's so in tune with her client's vision that it almost feels like she's a mind-reader. True brilliance at work, Linsey is my go-to anytime I need creative design work!





Linsey combines technical know-how and vibrant creativity to produce memorable, innovative and effective designs that take her clients and their businesses to soaring heights. Few designers have the skill set to conceptualize, create, and present Linsey does. As a salesperson, I knew I could depend on Linsey to effectively and persuasively guide customers when they were making key decisions about design concepts, social media marketing, large format and web presence.


Linsey has an amazing grasp of interior space and design; her input was crucial on many very important large format print projects. Her past experience as a muralist gives her an understanding of what designs should contain their essence and feel when they cover large spaces.


In short Linsey has a broad and deep understanding of the creative design process across all media. She is also a talented artist, reliable, efficient, and professional.


As creative entrepreneurs starting from scratch, we second guess many of our decisions. Working with Linsey was one of the best decisions we made. She taught us the importance of building a brand (not just as a business) and has helped Mimosa Co. come to life. Linsey gently guided us through the brand strategy process with care and confidence, and the visual identity she created is the perfect representation of the personality of our brand. Working with Linsey was an insightful and joyful experience, and her talent is undeniable.



I wanted a brand identity that would make a connection with my target client and also tell them something about my photography business with just a glance. Linsey took the time to understand what I was looking for, from our conversation she sent a handful of preliminary concepts to review; once I chose one to work from she was very receptive to changes and offered welcomed advice which made the overall design that much better. 

Linsey was a pleasure to work with on my refreshed branding. She made me feel like she was as invested in the perfect design as I was for my decor + furnishing photography business.



I initially met with Linsey as I was so stuck on how to convey all that HIVE does for our commercial clients above and beyond interior design. I geek out on the business side of commercial design and I needed someone to guide me on how to create a clear message of what we offer. When I met with Linsey, she had such a depth of knowledge on how to get that info out there to more national clients as well as local. She had answers that were spot-on solutions.

Her art direction experience with home furnishings + decor magazines has provided her with a breadth of knowledge in my industry in particular, but, it's also given her a multi-layered skill set. Her education in Interior Architecture doesn't hurt either, and she is incredibly business focused. 



Linsey is in a league of her own. Reliable, loyal, self-motivated and energetic colleague. Independent, efficient, careful and innovative strategist. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Linsey is your choice!



I've worked with Linsey for the better part 2 years. Her work has been top-notch and professional. She's done an excellent job of understanding our mission, brand and messaging. I would highly recommend her services to any new or established business looking for graphic design.



reached out to Linsey to help launch my business as a wedding planner. I told her my overall desired theme and let her run with it, and she delivered exactly what I was looking for in my brand. I couldn't have been happier! I get compliments constantly on my website, business cards, and overall brand design from clients and other vendors in my industry. Linsey was super easy to work with, responsive, and gave me great options to choose from when designing my package. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone!