• Linsey Puckett

Motherhood Is My Choice

I am a mother because I choose to be one.

I choose to get up at 5am every morning to carry out my routine before my baby wakes and her day begins.

I choose to balance running my business full-time and being a full-time stay-at-home mom.

Before and during pregnancy, I chose to spend time researching and talking with my physician, to adjust my diet and workout routine, to take prenatal vitamins and supplements each morning, to omit that evening glass of wine I’d grown to enjoy so much after a long day, to make sure I was up-to-date on all standard vaccines recommended for expecting mothers.

My husband and I choose to spend a large portion of our income on formula, food, diapers, and doctors visits.

We choose to dine out before 5pm so that our daughter can join us.

I choose to ride the unpredictable waves of postpartum anxiety-joy-depression-anger-happiness-sadness-gratitude-isolation-adrenaline-lack of focus-motivation-overwhelm-love.

I choose to work through the physical/mental/emotional roller coaster that pre and postnatal hormones still has me riding on.

I choose all of this because at this point in my life, this is what I want and what I am willing to endure in exchange for my beautiful, smart, healthy daughter for whom I will fight to protect her right to choose.

I imagine that if motherhood was not my choice, it would be a completely different experience.

Many argue that one shouldn’t interfere with “God’s plan”. I believe that God gave all of us the autonomy to make our own decisions and live the lives we choose to live. I believe pregnancy is one of many opportunities to carefully weigh our options and stand confident in our final decisions — without having to constantly defend them.

Happy Mother’s Day to new moms and experienced moms, to those who take on motherly roles, to those who long to be mothers.

And happy Mother’s Day to those who have chosen not to be a mother — you are not a criminal, you are not evil, you are not wrong for making a decision for yourself that makes the most sense for you, your body, your mental and emotional state, your living and financial situation, your goals, your life.

I’m celebrating my first Mother’s Day because I choose to be a mother. I pray that my daughter has the same freedom and vow to do all that I can to make sure that happens.