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Environmental Graphics

Environmental Graphics

More than basic signage, this layered service merges graphic design, architecture, art, lighting, landscaping, and other fields to enhance the user experience of an interior or exterior space. Well-designed environmental graphics – sometimes referred to as experiential graphics – successfully accomplishes three things:

Communicates information – where a visitor is physically situated within the space and why, where in that space they need/want to go, and how to find their way there

Communicates identity – who’s space are they in, what kind of experience they can expect

Connects people to place – what experience are they associating with their time in that space, and what makes them want to return


This highly customized service offers varying areas of focus, including way-finding and placemaking, retail display and exhibition design, as well as interactive experiences, and often incorporates marketing and advertising efforts.

Architectural Renderings

Architectural Renderings

From business cards and stationary to marketing materials and product packaging, the opportunities to effectively deploy your visual brand identity are endless. Backed by experience in print and editorial design, Linsey is well-versed in production processes including digital, offset and wide-format printing, die-cut templating, color calibration and material selection, offering a range of custom options to help your business stand out along retail shelves, at trade shows and networking events, in direct mail marketing campaigns and beyond.


Commercial Design*

Similar to a floor plan and materials schedule created to guide building contractors on the design aspects of a construction project, user interface design focuses on the visual layout and components of a website or mobile app. From page structure and navigation design to colors, type hierarchy, button styles and more, this service relieves web developers from creative pressure while ensuring your digital presence effectively supports and communicates your brand.

Commercial Design
TheAuctionHouse_Renderings-Phase1_UpperLevel-5 copy.jpg
Display Design

Display Design*

Typically referring to mass manufactured items such as paper goods and apparel, Linsey offers custom surface pattern design as a unique way to expand brand identity and messaging from thoughtful packaging accents to custom wallpaper or upholstery for a place of business – the latter often incorporated into her commercial design collaborations as part of HIVE Collective. Click here to discover her original collections available for licensing.

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