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Client Experiences

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"I am currently building a 20,000 sq ft building for my dermatology practice in Florida and Linsey has been instrumental in this project. She has so many wonderful qualities including her openness to new ideas, her ability to offer advice while still listening to the client, her incredibly easy demeanor, and of course her spectacular vision and talent. I am so very delighted to have had the opportunity to work with her for the past two years and I look forward to the next step in this ongoing project with her. I can recommend Linsey without any hesitation and can honestly say that anybody who gets to work with her is truly lucky!"

Moskowitz Dermatology

 "I cannot express enough the joy I felt when I saw my rebranded assets and website that Linsey created for my interior design business. I’ve had the colors and thoughts in my head for some time now but to see her interpretation was just everything I wanted and more! She is a great listener and asks questions to ensure that she fully understood my objective. Her market knowledge, nimbleness and ability to anticipate what I wanted to present was truly marvelous. She listened to all of my thoughts and ideas, and basically came back to me with an escalated version of what has been in my head. I would highly recommend!"

Susan Chancey Interiors
Portfolio_SusanChancey-BCs copy.jpg

 "A reflection of her talent and her passion for what she does, collaborating with Linsey is a tremendous amount of fun. She's so in tune with her client's vision that it almost feels like she's a mind-reader. True brilliance at work, Linsey is my go-to anytime I need creative design work!"

Olivette Riverside Community & Farm, Olivette Realty

 "Design skills aside, Linsey is just flat-out a pleasure to work with. You run across a lot of prima donnas with oversized egos in the world of design. Not Linsey. She's delightful, even-keeled and wicked smart. I love the fact that she believes in working from a creative brief, appropriately as her guide, but she's not afraid to push the envelope. She's collaborative and takes feedback like a grown-up. Linsey has a great design flair for no matter the vehicle [...] She can deliver a fresh look that is strategically right. In the world of design, making something 'pretty' is useless if the design is off-strategy. Linsey is not only good, she's fast and efficient."

Climate Action Now

Previous Projects with Patrick: Progressive Business Media, Fletcher Machine Industries
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